How Young Children’s Thinking Skills Influence How They Learn


Date(s) - 15 Nov 17 - 16 Nov 17, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Children in different age groups have unique ways of approaching learning. This approach to learning is based on how the children develop thinking skills and how these thinking are demonstrated through their interactions within their learning environments. Understanding of how children think, at the various stages of development, has a critical impact on how to structure their learning activities and environments.

Participants will:

  • Define thinking skills
  • Identify how thinking skills evolve over the early years
  • Identify how thinking skills of young children affects learning
  • Develop strategies to support and develop thinking skills if children in various age groups

Day 1:

  1. Define thinking skills to include:
    1. Thinking and brain development
    2. Thinking skills defined
    3. Development of thinking skills
  2. Application of learning through thinking skills
    1. Identify how thinking skills evolve over the early years:
    2. Identification of core thinking skills of children at various ages
    3. Developmental ages and stages of thinking skills

Day 2:

  1. Identify how thinking skills of young children affects learning:
    1. Limitations of a child’s’ perspective on thinking
    2. Limitations on overall development
    3. Limitations of interactions with others
    4. Limitations of the materials and organization of the learning environment
  2. Develop strategies to support and develop thinking skills if children in various age groups
    1. Shift in adult thinking
    2. Organization of materials, activities, learning settings to foster thinking skills
    3. Communication strategies to foster thinking skills
    4. Documentation panels to support thinking skills

Trainer’s Profile

Dr. Crowther has been involved in in-service training, on site, at conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally. She has presented in urban, rural and isolated jurisdictions across Canada. The focus of these presentations has been to improve individualized sustainable, quality of childcare services for early childhood professionals.

She has published numerous textbooks and articles in association newsletters and other professional journals. Current publications include concept books that bridge the gap between theory and practice. She writes articles and concept books based on client demand.   In addition, Dr. Crowther publishes resource books and support materials on demand.


  • Making Choices – It is hard to cater to diverse groups (knowledge, expertise, applications). To accommodate the group, choices of components, activities, discussions, and or other… will be provided based on group consensus.
  • Engaging in a Collaborative Approach – each individual in the group has skills and knowledge that can be utilized. The discussions and interactions will focus on collaborating with all individuals within the group.
  • Engaging in Discussions – Key concepts will be presented that allows individuals to identify and expand on their experiences with these concepts.
  • Hands on Application of knowledge gained through scenarios, photographs, videos

Target Audience
Early years professionals – birth to 6 years of age

AUD700.00/pax if register by  1 Jul 17

Other Details
Duration: 2 days, 12 hours
Closing Date: 1 Sep 2017

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