Reading and Writing Come Alive


Date(s) - 17 Apr 18 - 18 Apr 18, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reading and Writing Come Alive uses specific spontaneous dramatic techniques to enhance and build literacy skills. These techniques have been widely used in the corporate world to promote creativity, improve presentation skills, expand team-building skills, and increase comfort with speaking in front of others. The games presented in this workshop support teachers in using these games to help their students build language skills in a fun and creative way resulting in students having more confidence in speaking, reading, and writing.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use spontaneous dramatic arts to build literacy
  • Read, write, and perform developmentally-appropriate spontaneous dramatic activities
  • Learn basic skills and concepts through spontaneous drama
  • Design effective spontaneous drama and literacy lessons.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Reading and Writing Come Alive: Spontaneous Dramatic Play
    • History of spontaneous dramatic play
    • Beneficial role of dramatic play in the corporate sector and how those skills transfer to academic learning
    • Parallels between constructivism and dramatic play
    • Dramatic Play as a bridge to building and improving language skills
  • Spontaneous Dramatic Play: Where to Begin
    • Warm up and Introductory games
    • Cooperation
    • Listening/Paying Attention
    • Early Literacy

Day 2:

  • Spontaneous Dramatic Play: What’s Next?
    • Setting/Environment
    • Characterization
    • Narration
    • Targeting Specific Reading/Writing Skills
    • Playing with Beach Balls!
  • Spontaneous Dramatic Play: Designing Effective Spontaneous Drama and Literacy Lessons
    • Creating a 5-Step Lesson Plan
    • Incorporation into curriculum
    • Sequence of instruction
  • Spontaneous Dramatic Play: Curtain Call
    • Model lessons
    • Sharing with colleagues

Throughout the two days, we will debrief the exercises to more accurately connect to:

  • Specific age level appropriateness
  • Incorporate into lesson plans
  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Have fun while learning

Trainer’s Profile

Lisa S., is an engaging and dynamic educator and facilitator with many years of teaching experience in  United States and Thailand. She earned a Masters in Teaching from John F. Kennedy University with a focus on differentiated instruction and supporting a multiple intelligence approach to teaching and learning. Lisa has also mentored and supervised new teachers earning their credentials as well as co-facilitating the weekly seminar for teaching candidates at Mills College.

Lisa published her first book, Reading and Writing Come Alive: Using Improvisation to Build Literacy: a guide designed for primary and secondary teachers, literacy specialists, professional development providers, and parents to engage and challenge students by helping them develop literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) using improvisational theatre activities. In addition to literacy, many of the games build cooperation skills and improve student engagement.


Workshop with audience participation. This is an interactive workshop where participants get to experience all of the spontaneous drama games in a safe and supportive manner before introducing them to children. Day 2 of the workshop includes a session in which participants develop spontaneous drama literacy lessons that target the specific needs and academic ability of their students.

Target Audience

This workshop is specially designed for all educators of elementary/primary children (aged 6 to 12), those responsible for pre-service and in-service teacher education and all who are seeking to learn about effective ways to help children increase their literacy skills by allowing them to use their amazing imagination and creativity.

SGD700.00/pax if register by 1 Dec 17
Other Details
Duration: 2 days, 12 hours
Closing Date:  1 Feb 18

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Singapore, Singapore, (exact venue to be advised)