Creating Intentional Learning for Young Children


Date(s) - 17 Sep 19 - 18 Sep 19, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Everything we do with young children influences how they behave, interact, think and what they learn. Resulting, if we, as adults, want to create learning situations and environments that are most likely to foster optimal growth and development, we must carefully structure learning to maximize positive learning outcomes and create lifelong learners.

Participants will:

  • Define Intentional learning
  • Identify how the organization of a learning environment or activity might positively or negatively influence learning
  • Identify strategies to encourage positive learning outcomes
  • Identify strategies to document learning

Day 1:

  1. Defining intentional learning includes:
    1. Differences and similarities of this approach to other approaches
    2. Core components of intentional learning
    3. Power of intentional learning on children’s growth and development
  2. Identify how the organization of a learning environment or activity might positively or negatively influence learning in order to:
    1. Review scenarios to identify purpose of organization
    2. Identify the impact on learning based on organization of learning activities
    3. Identify relevant adaptations or changes to encourage sustainable learning

Day 2:

  1. Identify strategies to encourage positive learning outcomes in order to:
    1. Identify positive learning strategies that enhance children’s development in all areas
    2. Develop a plan of action to set up a learning area/activity of choice for a specific age group
    3. Organization and materials to support intentional learning
  2. Identify strategies to document learning in order to:
    1. Identify core learning for the activities developed previously
    2. Identify relevant skills and abilities that should be documented for the children
    3. Identify documentation techniques suitable for core learning identified previously

Trainer’s Profile

Dr. Crowther has been involved in in-service training, on site, at conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally. She has presented in urban, rural and isolated jurisdictions across Canada. The focus of these presentations has been to improve individualized sustainable, quality of childcare services for early childhood professionals.

She has published numerous textbooks and articles in association newsletters and other professional journals. Current publications include concept books that bridge the gap between theory and practice. She writes articles and concept books based on client demand.   In addition, Dr. Crowther publishes resource books and support materials on demand.


  • Making Choices – It is hard to cater to diverse groups (knowledge, expertise, applications). To accommodate the group, choices of components, activities, discussions, and or other… will be provided based on group consensus.
  • Engaging in a Collaborative Approach – each individual in the group has skills and knowledge that can be utilized. The discussions and interactions will focus on collaborating with all individuals within the group.
  • Engaging in Discussions – Key concepts will be presented that allows individuals to identify and expand on their experiences with these concepts.
  • Hands on Application of knowledge gained through scenarios, photographs, videos

Target Audience
Early years professionals – birth to 6 years of age

AUD690.00/pax if register by  1 Feb 19

Other Details
Duration: 2 days, 12 hours
Closing Date: 1 May 2019 15 Jul 19

Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC