The Atelier: An Aesthetic Approach to Learning


Date(s) - 6 Mar 18 - 7 Mar 18, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Atelier workshop aims to explore the centrality of the Atelier within the life of young learners, situated within the elements of pedagogy that are sensitive to listening and the poetic and visual languages. The two day workshop will begin by reflecting upon the concept and origin of the Atelier, to help us interpret the meaning of the Atelier unique to each learner. The focus of the workshop will be to further our understanding how the Atelier, as a space of research, embeds the presence of an aesthetic dimension – beauty, joy, loveliness- to raise the quality of our learning processes in relationship with other disciplines.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect upon the concept of an aesthetic dimension in our daily learning processes and experiences
  • Analyze the interweaving of poetic and visual languages with other disciplines
  • Understand how the relationship between the poetic/visual languages and other disciplines contribute to new thinking and new practices

Day 1:  The Evolution of the Atelier

  • Introducing ourselves as a community of learners
  • The concept and origin of the Atelier
  • Poetic and visual languages – sharing our interpretations
  • What meaning and value do we give to the aesthetic dimension in learning?
  • Participants will begin designing the conceptual and or physical space of the Atelier within their own learning contexts and environment

Day 2: The Atelier as a Place of Research

  • Sharing our reflections from Day 1
  • Participants are invited to begin a dialogue with a group of colleagues on their conceptual and or physical design of the Atelier
  • Thinking deeply about materials
  • Hands on experience in working with various materials
  • Thinking together of the opportunities for interweaving the poetic and visual languages in relationship to other disciplines to enhance and support learning

Trainer’s Profile
Dr. Junko C. earned her BA from Sophia University, Tokyo and her MA in Education from Michigan State University, USA. She received her EdD (Doctorate of Education) from the University of Bath, UK. She continues her research into how children learn from a socioconstructive perspective. Dr. Junko has been in the field of early childhood education within an international school context for almost 40 years.  This international context flows easily within her as she has lived and learned overseas across different cultures from an early age. From this experience, she appreciates how having roots deeply in one’s own
culture helps to understand the culture and thinking of others. On the back of her extensive career working directly with people – both children and adults –she has presented and consulted for numerous organizations and has accredited key educational institutions globally.  She continues to advocate the importance of building from the foundation of what is fundamentally important and necessary, that of people and the relationships within. With children as her inspiration, Dr. Junko’s long-term study of the Reggio philosophy puts theory and practice in contexts across many fields and genres. She believes that reflection and interpretation as on-going experiences generate fresh outlooks and learning to reframe ‘words’ and ‘worlds’ for both children and adults.

The workshop combines both presentation on the concept and origin of the Atelier and collaborative hands-on learning experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to be engaged, interact and collaborate with colleagues to be both an active participant and active participant observer, sharing in dialogue and taking on various roles as both creator and documentor. The workshop is not an art workshop, participants do not need any background skills in visual/graphic art.

Target Audience
Early Childhood Educators, Single Subject Teachers of Art and Administrators of children aged 3-8 years, Elementary Teachers

SGD700.00/pax if register by 1 Oct 17
Other Details
Duration: 2 days, 12 hours
Closing Date:  1 Jan 18

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Singapore, Singapore, (exact venue to be advised)