About Us

Sanguine Consulting was established in 2002 to promote quality workshops for educators around the region. Our workshops are practical, hands-on and interactive presented by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The workshop choices have been carefully selected to give early childhood professionals and/or educators the opportunity to attend workshops directly applicable to her/his needs and interests.

We have expanded our network to include educators all round Asia and Oceania. Now we have educators who come from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Philippines, India, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand.

Sanguine Consulting has conducted a comprehensive range of  workshops and attended by many educators round the region.

We will continue to bring our workshops to as many countries as possible so as to benefit more educators nearer to their homeland. We hope educators will maximize the opportunities available at Sanguine Consulting in their quest for knowledge and excellence.